No Kill Equation

The leading cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in the United States is Shelter Killing. Some five million are killed in nation’s shelters every year. For far too long, we have been led to believe there is no other way. More than that, we have been told that this killing is the right thing to do.
Nathan Winograd, Director of the No Kill Advocacy Center




Animals in our community deserve humane treatment and animal lovers and citizens without pets are demanding change from our community leaders. Statistics show communities that provide humane care for unwanted animals are more desirable communities to live within. No Kill Communities spend tax dollars that are utilized for Animal Control's budget on progressive animal programs: adoptions, public spay/neuter clinics, microchipping clinics, and Animal Control TNR programs opposed to killing.


An average of 700 animals are killed every month in each of the Acadiana Animal Control facilities. The two most frequently used methods to kill unwanted animals are carbon monoxide through gassing and injectable sodium pentobarbital. To our knowledge, St. Landry Rabies Control is the only facility within Acadiana parish that uses the humane and painless method of injection each and every time an animal is killed. They too are the only facility without a gas chamber.


HSUS does not indorse the inhumane method of carbon monoxide killing.


99.98 % of trapped feral cats brought to Animal Control facilities are killed. From the time the complaint is documented to the death of the cat, the average cost per cat to the taxpaxer is $100. Not only does spay/neuter and rabies vaccination cost much less but the problem is solved with a humane solution.


There is a solution - it's called the no kill equation... it saves lives AND your tax dollars!

The number one reason cited for pet owners not altering their pets is the COST. And that's where we all can help. With your generous donation, we can prevent litters and the constant flow of unwanted animals entering into Animal Control and local rescue shelters, allowing animals already in the system to find loving, forever homes.


Wild Cat Foundation is taking the lead:

  • By addressing the population issue of feral cats in our community with Feral Power Too, a special TNR program. By humanely implementing pet population control we can effectively reduce the numbers of animals arriving at the doors of our Parishes animal control facilities. Our long term goal is to help the community with a low cost or 'voucher' program to assist with spay/neuter of pet cats and dogs. This is the ONLY way to prevent unwanted litters.
  • By working on the creation of a low cost spay/neuter center. This is a BIG project with many hurdles on the way... and it may simply NOT HAPPEN for lack of money. Countless lives would be saved! Please donate to make it possible.
  • By providing life saving programs. Our ultimate goal is to join the nation's efforts of ending the killing of shelter animals. As stated by Richard Avanzino (considered to be the father of the No Kill movement) during the No Kill Conference of May 2-3, 2009 at the George Washington University Law School, "The goal is to be a No Kill nation by 2015".



To learn more about the no kill solutions, please read Nathan Winograd's book, or view this video, you will learn so much!