Low Cost Spay/Neuter Center

This is our dream, our BIG project: The opening of a Spay/Neuter for Dogs & Cats, the first low cost spay/neuter center in Acadiana, which will open on April 12, 2010. Please visit the website .


It will provide a desperately needed low cost option to assist pet owners in spaying/neutering their dogs and cats. The center will also work with local animal welfare groups to provide spay/neuter surgery for their rescued animals prior to re-homing.


The Spay/Neuter Center is taking appointments now; please call (337) 264-1088 to schedule your pet! The center's address is 1640 North Bertrand, Lafayette, LA 70506. Please visit the website for more info.


Affordable spay/neuter for pets is an essential part of the No Kill Equation. If people can't afford to get their pets fixed, unwanted litters will continue to happen with deadly consequences. This is a vicious circle that has to be stopped.


PLEASE HELP US: Any donations in small or large amounts will be so helpful. You can also buy raffle tickets for a 2010 Ford Escape SUV.

Your financial help will have concrete use that you will be able to see with your own eyes: a building where pets, who otherwise would not be, will get neutered, changing the fate of animals in our community.


Save lives: help us!



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